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Fox 26 New Restraint For Unruly Prisoners

WOW what a product!

Deputy S. Qualy
Dakota County, MN

Thanks so much for the use of your product. Simply put "very impressive
effects" We had four opportunities to use the cuff, after that inmates were
telling others "that $&#* ain't no joke", the best one from one of them to the
court holding area was "you'll be beggin" for the Taser (expletive) as he
explained what his experience felt like. Our command is very impressed with
the product and has put them on the list So as soon as we get our new budget
this will be first in line. Thanks again if you need a reference feel free to
hand out my info.
Training Sgt. Sean O'Neill
Harrison County, MS

I appreciate your helping with questions and thank you for your promt
Capt. Moly Brown
Nacogdoches County, TX

With our use of your Stun-Cuff, I thought we had an inmate that we may
actually have to activate it on. Within a two to three week period, this
inmate had been forcibly placed in our jail restraint chair on MANY occasions.
When he recently had court, we showed him how the cuff worked before we
placed it on him and guess what, he was very cooperative with us the whole
time. So as of this date we still have not had to activate the cuff.
I even had a jailer ask if I could leave it on him 24/7
Keep up the good work and thanks again for coming up with the Stun-Cuff.
Deputy Donald Bendinelli
Renville County Sheriff's Dept. MN

I am really pleased with this product and for a small department this is
a great tool for extraditions(hidden restraint in air transports), court
security issues where a defendant may choose to wear street clothes. The
Circuit Judges love it and even ask could other surrounding counties in their
judicial circuit use it for high profile trials.
Wayne "Tiny" Wright Sheriff
Woodford County Sheriff'sOffice KY