Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with DataPort System
Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with DataPort System
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Model: Magnum Plus with DataPort
U.S. PATENT 7586732

Myers Enterprises, Inc has introduced it's all new generation Wireless Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with DataPort System. The DataPort System retains each firing Date, Time and Duration. The DataPort System information is downloaded onto you computer. The DataPort is located inside the Stun-Cuffs casing to keep the device water tight and prevent tampering.

Great for trials, work details, transports, hospital runs,or any time law enforcement needs to control one prisoner,or, multiple prisoners at one time. The Magnum Plus with DataPort System packs the most powerful punch in the line of Stun-Cuff prisoner control devices. New technology allows the Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus to fire at one intensity, then increases the pulse rate as it is continuously fired. As with all models of Stun-Cuff, it should be demonstated to the prisoner before applying, and when the prisoner knows the consequences, rest assured they will comply with your every order! The Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus with DataPort System comes with all the great features like those found on the the Magnum. Plus a few extras!

1 Year Limited Warranty

See Stun-Cuff Video page for operations. See Deputies Taking Hits Video for demonstration.

Stun-Cuff Magnum Plus
Length 3.25" in.
Width 2.25" in.
Depth 1.5" in.
Weight 7 oz
Transmitter -
Length 3.25" in.
Width 2" in.
Depth 1" in.
Weight 3.5 oz
Features Benefits
Stun-Cuff: Unique Code System: Rechargeable Batteries: Low Battery Light: Power On Light: Locking Wrist/Ankle Strap: Locks Using Standard Handcuff Key: Fitted Design: Impact/Water Resistant: Duty Belt Holster:
Transmitter: 100 Yard Range: Programmable Keypad: Quickly Program To Any Stun-Cuff: Indicator Lights: Rechargeable Batteries: Failsafe Trigger System:
Charging Stand: Charges Both Stun-Cuff And Transmitter At Same Time: On/Off Switch: Wall Plug: